Style Variations on Human Chart Design

Over the last few years have noticed so many people questioning their customs and moving away from some have previously been seen by outsiders as stable and solid. Our evolving genes are providing us heightened awareness allowing us to move from their old wounded state, and in the new paradigm of being.

Living as who we really are is a very freeing concept. So many therapies are trying to educate us to be more than that we are, unlimited, or educated. When we live the truth of which we are that is all we need. Enlightenment comes naturally.

Human Design is a really important and timely portion of the paradigm shift. In allowing us to be ourselves we need to live and embody two simple ideas. The first is to not take anything personally and the second is to not make decisions about other people.

The more we know about our own and other people’s layouts we learn that we have come in with gifts that make us who we are. We may be thankful for our own gifts and think that other people should strive to have similar gifts – educators that attempt to teach another their present, for example – but that might not be that individual’s purpose on this world.

Human Design Chart

So as to deal with competition we need to learn how to get chart human design successfully. No connection can succeed if there’s absolutely no reasonable negotiation. Children learn from college that they have to be better, cleverer, more capable; more gifted; they need to win at any cost.

There’s something much deeper that underlies our need to be successful and this is a survival instinct. ┬áIt is something so profoundly existential and likely so old. The cellular memory of it will give us cause to feel that we may die if we do not win.

On the way, usually at an early stage in our gestation, one twin decides not to remain. It may be because there is insufficient nourishment for two developing infants, or perhaps one soul made an arrangement to assist the other in, rather than stay. Whatever the reason, nearly all births which begin as twin births do not end with a double birth. This creates a range of unique dynamics which both spirits have chosen to deal with in this or another life.

Betrayal is a standard pattern of the twin lively. People with these patters expect you to be completely loyal. You may recognize someone as your twin but they might not feel the same way. So you feel disappointed. This pattern will happen over and over until you do something to change it. Business and individual partners, friends and acquaintances will always let you down.