About Nicotinamide polynucleotide (NMN)

The Nicotinamide mononucleotide is mainly known as NMN, is the extract of the B- vitamin niacin, it is used for boosting up your energy and making you healthy. For more these details, you can check online.

The NMN powder is easily absorbed in the blood vessels when consumed. It gets absorbed in the mouth itself, under the tongue which increases the bioavailability of the product. The NMN powder gets quickly dissolved into the bloodstream, because it does not get digested into the gastrointestinal tracts.

It is also known for producing and improving the activity of the insulin, it is responsible for the other metabolic functions. In the metabolic conditions like diabetes, heaviness and fatty liver disease, the NMN helps to relieve.

NAD+ is the most important molecule for the cells, so NMN acts as the enhancer for the NAD+. It acts as a messenger for it.

It is used as an energy drink for the muscles to stay healthy. The skeletal muscles stay active and healthy if NMN is consumed at the correct dosage. Up to 500gm of NMN is safe for everyone, the dosage above it is not tested yet.

NAD+ is used to repair the damaged DNA, and when the person gets older the production of NAD+ gets decreased. The fewer molecules of NAD+ is not good for a person to stay healthy.

NMN powder

The problems that we face in our old age are all due to the less production of NAD+. The NMN powder is used to activate and increase the production of NAD+ to keep the person healthy.

Is NMN safe for humans?

The intake of the NMN does not have any adverse effect on the human body. The dosage of NMN is recommended to be taken, 100, 250, and 500mg. There were no observed side effects after the dosage of the NMN powder.

It does not affect the functions of any part of the body. The heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen level and the blood pressure remains normal and relaxed.

There were also many laboratory tests of the blood conducted and no changes were observed. The person’s sleep quantity was also measured before and after the consumption of the NMN supplements. There was no difference in the quantity of the sleep both times.


In this article, you will get to read about the popular NMN powder. It is used to enhance the production of energy by NAD+. It plays a major role in providing energy to the mitochondria. Also, in various researches, it has been found that the NMN is safe for humans. For more information, you can check at https://www.cofttek.com/product/23111-00-4/.